MSA Fall Protection Roadshow

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Do you have a workforce who works at height?
Are you concerned about the safety of those working at height?
Do you have a suitable rescue plan?
Are you aware of the systems available to improve the safety of those who work at height?
Are you aware of your legal responsibilities with regard to working at height?

If these are questions you regularly ask yourself then the MSA Fall Protection Roadshow is a must for you.

With guidance on legal duties, safe systems of work and rescue planning the Roadshow is designed to answer the questions above, and more!

MSA Fall Protection Roadshow first locations:
COMING SOON! Stay tuned to learn first MSA Fall Protection Roadshow locations and dates


A mixture of theory and practical sessions will be delivered exploring the following areas:

  • Legal duties
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Fall Restraint/Work Positioning/Fall Arrest
  • Emergency considerations
  • The need for rescue/rescue plans
  • Access and retrieval systems
  • Engineered fall arrest systems

Practical workshops will be the main focus of the sessions, providing hands on experience in the following areas:

  • The correct fitting of harnesses
  • Working in Fall Restraint/Work Positioning and Fall Arrest
  • Operating Access and Retrieval systems
  • Engaging with engineered fall arrest systems