Ear Plugs & Bands

Ear Plugs and Bands

For personalized ear protection, MSA offers a variety of earplug types and styles, including some comparable to the protection provided by select MSA ear muffs. From disposable to reusable and from foam to silicone, these earplugs are easy to insert and comfortable to wear.
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RIGHT Banded Plugs

The comfortable, effective RIGHT Banded Ear Plugs are joined by a lightweight plastic band and feature replacement pods. The plugs are available in three sizes: Small, medium and large.
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RIGHT Foam Plugs

The comfortable, effective RIGHT Foam Ear Plugs protect a user's hearing from harmful noise. Corded and uncorded versions come in small/medium and medium/large sizes.
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RIGHT Reusable Plugs

The comfortable, effective RIGHT Reusable Ear Plugs can be used repeatedly and are available in banded and non-banded versions. Storage box included.
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