This fresh air hose breathing apparatus (FABA) is designed for use wherever conditions permit drawing air from a hazard-free atmosphere. Because the air supply is fresh, there are no time restrictions on use. Can be used as an assisted (with Turbo-Flo blower) or unassisted fresh air breathing apparatus.

Part Number

Turbo-Flo, complete unit [3S mask, breathing tube, belt with connector, 9 m hose, without blower]


Turbo-Flo, complete unit [breathing tube, belt with connector, 9 m hose, without mask and blower]

  • Provides respiratory protection when it is possible to keep the air intake of the air supply hose in fresh air
  • Use as an assisted or unassisted device
  • Robust design and reliable construction
  • Easy to carry and maintain
  • Provides great freedom of movement (when breathing hoses positioned over shoulders)
Markets: Construction, Utilities
Applications: Confined Space

EN 138