Business Ethics



Integrity has been the foundation of MSA since 1914, when John T. Ryan and George Deike insisted there was a better way to protect workers. While the Company has evolved and changed greatly over the years, our commitment to integrity has only gotten stronger. In fact, it is one of the fundamental reasons for our continued prosperity and, importantly, is formally represented as the Company’s foundational value. Few companies have a longer, more successful history than MSA, and we owe much of that success to our commitment to always succeed “the MSA way.”

MSA Global Code of Business Conduct

To ensure that we remain committed to integrity, MSA provides all associates and key stakeholders with this Global Code of Business Conduct, or the “Code.” The Code sets forth our core requirements for ethics and compliance with the law. The Code also includes a broad range of examples, questions and answers, and practice tips to clearly explain key provisions and to guide us in making decisions each day. To obtain a copy of the Code, please select your local language version from the following menu.



The MSA Ethics Guideline Reporting Resource

The Company maintains several resources through which associates and other stakeholders can ask questions, seek guidance, or report their business ethics or legal compliance concerns. One such resource is the office of the Chief Compliance Officer within the MSA Law Department, available by telephone or email at 724-741-8224 or

Another valuable resource is the MSA Ethics Guideline reporting tool. The Ethics Guideline is a telephone and internet resource staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by communications specialists trained to document ethics and compliance related questions and concerns. All reports to the Ethics Guideline are forwarded to the office of the Chief Compliance Officer for review. Those who contact the Ethics Guideline have the option to provide their name or remain anonymous. This means that telephone calls and web submissions to the Ethics Guideline are not recorded or traced.

Lastly, the company maintains a strict anti-retaliation policy. Any attempts to retaliate against a person who in good faith submits a report will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

To accommodate our diverse workforce, the Ethics Guideline is available in 16 languages via telephone or the internet. To report a concern or learn more about the Ethics Guideline, please select one of the following options: