Mobile gas measuring technology and ensuring functionality

On Tuesday October 27th at 15:35 Gilbert Lenz will present his dissertation about mobile gas measuring at the A+A Congress in Düsseldorf.

Measuring technology is employed in many areas of industry and the public sector in order to protect lives and health. However, it is often unclear what the measuring task is, not to mention the degree to which the measuring equipment is operative during the use cycle.

To ensure the functionality of mobile measuring equipment, a specialist group led by BGRCI has revised and published both information sheets T 021 and T 023. These represent the state of the art in occupational safety and must be followed in order to achieve safety targets.
Particularly in organisations that deal with hazard defence, e.g. fire brigade and rescue services, a daily inspection is a significant challenge.

In March 2014, the expert group led by BGRCI prepared and published an exception rule for authorities and organisations entrusted with safety tasks – BOS.

The requirements for documentation are being constantly extended and involve time and costs that should not be underestimated.
References from real-life practical applications give users the assurance of operability.

As a manufacturer of measuring technology, our developments are increasingly focussing on making it easier for users and persons of responsibility to carry out their responsibility through innovative technologies. An example of this is the MSA "Pulse Technology", where it is easy to determine if a measuring device is ready for operation.

Gilbert Lenz, MSA