Confined Space: Safety in Any Space

Safety in Any Space

Working in a confined space can be challenging. There is a little room for error. Be equipped for any hazard, with MSA

Working in confined space is extremely demanding. Make sure you are well prepared and have top quality solutions to guarantee your safety.

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Learn more about working in confined space environment

Working in confined space is extremely demanding. Make sure you are well prepared and have top quality solutions to guarantee your safety.

Confined space solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

Solutions to keep you safe, from detection to rescue applications.

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Fall Protection Whitepaper

Fall Protection: The equipment you need for confined space work.

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Gas Detection Whitepaper

Gas detection in confined spaces: what you need to know.

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Respiratory Whitepaper

Confined spaces are hazardous! Disover respiratory protection solutions.

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What should be done when preparing to enter the confined space?

Before entering any confined space, a trained and experienced person should identify and evaluate all the existing and potential hazards and make sure and make sure it is properly prepared.

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Check MSA's Solutions

Gas Detection Solutions

ALTAIR io360 Gas Detector

ALTAIR® io360 Gas Detector

The ALTAIR® io360 Gas Detector offers four-gas detection for high risk areas.

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Safety io

Safety io Software

Best-in-class MSA detectors, test equipment, and support with insights from web-based Safety io Grid services.

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ALTAIR® 4XR Multigas Detector

The ALTAIR 4XR Gas Detector is the toughest 4-gas monitor on the market and is backed by a 4-year warranty.

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ALTAIR® 5X Multigas Detector

The ALTAIR 5X Gas Detector is capable of measuring up to 6 gases simultaneously, perfect for confined space sampling.

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Head Protection Solutions

V-Gard® H1

V-Gard® H1 Safety Helmet

Exceptional comfort and ease of use in a stylish low-profile hard hat design. A complete above-the-neck platform for confined space applications.

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V-Gard® 950


Low-profile, compact and comfortable, it is your optimal choice when you need to reliably protect your head & your face in confined spaces.

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Attach the passive helmet-mounted V-Gard Hearing protection ear-defenders to your MSA industrial helmet to protect you from harmful noise levels, without comprising on your comfort.

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Fall Protection Solutions

V-FORM+ Safety Harness


Because the safest fall protection harness is the one you’ll actually want to wear, each V-SERIES harness includes unique features to deliver exceptional comfort – so you can focus on your work, not your harness.

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Portable, collapsible and designed for use in confined space applications for anchorage above a manhole, it is simple to operate and easy to set-up in just 2 minutes, allowing the use of a variety of hoists to meet your needs.

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Workman® Rescuer

Durable, intuitive and fast to install, it provides fall arrest and rescue capability in one single device, ideal for applications where time and ease of use are a priority.

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Respiratory Protection Solutions

V-FORM+ Safety Harness


The M1 SCBA is fully customizable and can be configured to meet a broad range of firefighter needs.

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PremAire® Combination

The PremAire Combination, a Combination Supplied Airline Respirator with compressed air cylinder, is designed to be versatile, comfortable, and affordable.

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Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus and Accessories

MSA’s Compressed Airline Breathing Apparatus delivers a ready supply of safe, breathable air wherever air is irrespirable or oxygen deficient.

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